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ADZA Performance

Great passion makes a great shoe that is the target can be achieved by really few.

Adza, incepted in 2004 with a vision to create comfortable yet stylish range of men, women and kids footwear. With its base in New Delhi, India, it has got a zealous array of trendy footwear and is all set to capture the market. From design to packaging the finished shoes, we apply the utmost attention to detail and quality making perfect shoes incorporating sports, lifestyle and casual range. With its R & D department overseas our management systems and initiatives are based on best practices. We scrupulously plan and perform each idea to its maximum potential, so as to achieve the heights which we envisage.

Taking along with our commitment to quality and corporate values like integrity and creativity, we present a dotting shoe range. On the surface, the ADZA family is quality-oriented and growing company. As a company we are free in our thinking and spirited towards innovation. When the first pair of ADZA Shoes rolled off the production line we saw an explosion of innovative zeal in our veins and a burning desire to be different prevailed.

All our people at ADZA are knowledgeable and passionate about footwear but most importantly care greatly for customer service. We understand the importance of our customers and also know that without they are our priority that is why we strive to fulfill our promise to keep all our customers satisfied.